Our Building
Our building is a beautiful Gothic-style church, built in 1929. It had previously belonged to Grace United Methodist church. During the time in which we have owned the building, we have made several improvements, including an iconostasis as well as many smaller (but nonetheless important) repairs.

An Orthodox church is traditionally made up of three main parts - the sanctuary, the nave, and the narthex. Within the sanctuary stands the altar table, on which the sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist is performed. The nave is where the people stand during services. The narthex is the area behind the nave, which serves as an entryway.

The sanctuary is separated from the nave by the iconostasis, or icon screen. The doors in the middle are known as the Royal Doors, through which the priest enters and exits the sanctuary. Altar servers and deacons enter and exit through the side doors.

Our church also includes a separate oblation room, where the Proskomedia, or preparation of the bread and wine used in the Liturgy, takes place. In the majority of Orthodox churches, there is no separate oblation room (it is usually found in large churches), and the Proskomedia is performed in the general altar area.
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