In 1895, an Orthodox parish, St. Mary's Orthodox Church, was established in Holdingford, Minnesota. It existed for about one hundred years, but eventually closed in the mid-1990's. This community was the first Orthodox church in Central Minnesota. Since the late 1980's, a few Orthodox Christians in St. Cloud began meeting in people's homes for worship. Priests visiting from St. Mary's Cathedral in Minneapolis periodically visited St. Cloud and the newly-formed mission of St. James. There was no permanent priest, however.

In 1999, several Orthodox families in the St. Cloud area decided that it was time to start a more permanent Orthodox community. His Eminence Archbishop JOB established us as a mission community, then known as St. Cloud Orthodox Mission. Father Nathan Kroll from St. Mary's Cathedral, Minneapolis, agreed to become our pastor. Worship often took place within the homes of the parishioners.

Eventually, a suitable building was found for our community. On Holy Myrrh-bearers Sunday (April 29, 2001), we celebrated our first Divine Liturgy in our new building. Archbishop JOB visited and renamed our parish from St. Cloud Orthodox Mission to Holy Myrrh-bearers Orthodox Church.

As of now, our church is the only Orthodox congregation in Central Minnesota. Many parishioners live fairly close to the church, although others drive for several hours to get here. Our church is open to visitors; please read the section on visiting our parish for more information.
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