Orthodox FAQ
Here is a list of frequently-asked questions about Orthodoxy.

Q: What is the Orthodox Church?
A. The Orthodox Church is the One, Holy, Catholic (universal), and Apostolic Church established by Christ. It is not an ethnic church for Greeks or Russians. The Orthodox Church tries to follow the teachings of Christ as closely as possible.

Q: What does "Orthodox" mean?
A. The term "Orthodox" comes from the Greek orthos, "correct", and doxa, "belief, teaching". The term "Orthodox" is used to distinguish us from the Roman Catholic church.

Q: Do you believe in the Bible?
A. Yes. Holy Scripture is an important part of our theology. Many prayers in the Liturgy and other services are either taken directly from the Bible, or are based on it.

Q: What are the pictures on the walls?
A. The pictures are known as icons. Icons are images of saints. We honor and venerate (but do not worship) the icons; when we do this, we are not honoring the wood and paint, but we are honoring the saints depicted on the icons.

Q: Why do different Orthodox churches use different calendars? What calendar does Holy Myrrh-bearers Orthodox Church use?
A. Today, there are two functional calendars within the Orthodox Church – the Julian Calendar ("Old Calendar") and Revised Julian Calendar ("New Calendar"). Our parish uses the New Calendar; that is, we celebrate fixed feasts on the same dates as in the Gregorian Calendar, but we celebrate Pascha (Easter) on the Julian Calendar. We encourage you to read more about the church calendar.

Q: Why do you pray for the dead?
A. We pray for the dead because "precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints". Jesus Himself prayed for the dead.

More questions and answers coming soon!
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