Rules for Holy Communion
Do you wish to receive Holy Communion when you come to church?

The Orthodox Church has traditionally practiced closed Communion, meaning that only those who are of the Orthodox faith may receive Holy Communion. This is not meant to spite those who are not Orthodox; it is because Holy Communion is the true Body and Blood of Christ, and faith and preparation are required before its reception. In the early Christian church, non-Christians were not allowed to attend the Liturgy of the Faithful, at which the mystery of the Holy Eucharist was performed. At the same time, Orthodox Christians must never receive Communion in a non-Orthodox church, even if the other church allows this.

Orthodox Christians who wish to receive Communion must go to Confession, and must spiritually and mentally prepare for receiving God Himself. The night before, it is customary to read special prayers before Holy Communion. Also, a total fast (no food or drink) should be kept, starting at midnight.

At the end of the service, everyone is welcome to receive a blessing from the priest, and to take a piece of antidoron (which is blessed bread, not Holy Communion).
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