Holy Myrrh-bearing Women
All Orthodox churches bear a name which serves to inspire the faithful in their love and obedience to God. Our parish is named for the women disciples of the Lord, who with love and devotion went to the tomb of their master Jesus Christ early in the morning on the third day after His death and burial (St. Mark 16:1). Having carried with them precious spices and oils including myrrh, their loving intention to anoint the Lord's body was ended by the joyous announcement from the angel Gabriel that Christ was risen from the dead. They were commanded by this heavenly messenger to proclaim Christ's Resurrection; the source and hope of mankind's salvation. By the example of the Holy Myrrh-bearing women, the world's first evangelists, our church community endeavors to proclaim the good news of our savior's resurrection.

The Orthodox Church identifies these women as the Holy Myrrh-bearers:
• The Theotokos (Mother of God)
• Mary Magdalene
• Mary, the wife of Clopas
• Joanna
• Susanna
• Salome
• Martha and Mary, the sisters from Bethany
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