Confession is the sacrament through which we obtain forgiveness for our sins.

In the Orthodox Church, confession takes place in the nave of the church (as opposed to the Western practice of using a closed confessioal), usually in front of an analogion or table, on which there is a Gospel book and a Cross. The penitent first kisses the Gospel and the Cross, then tells his/her sins to the priest. The penitent's confession is directed to God, with the priest as a witness. The penitent must thus confess everything on his or her conscience, and not withhold anything, as this is an even greater sin. Afterwards, the priest may never reveal what has been confessed. After the penitent has confessed, the priest reads the prayer of absolution.

It is a good idea to go to Confession frequently, and ideally, the communicant should go to Confession before receiving Holy Communion. However, the frequency of Confession (and rules for Holy Communion) varies from parish to parish. In our parish, confessions need to be scheduled personally with Fr. Nathan.

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