Church Services

Orthodox worship consists of several services; put together, these are known as the Daily Cycle. Monasteries often perform the entire Daily Cycle, while parish churches do not.

The main church services include Vespers, Matins, Vigil, and the Divine Liturgy. Other services include Hours, Midnight Office, and Compline. Services outside the Daily Cycle, which are performed according to need, include akathists, panikhidas, and various blessings.

Vespers is performed in the evening. Vespers is considered to be the first service in the Daily Cycle, because the liturgical day begins at sunset; thus, the saints commemorated at Vespers are commemorated at the Divine Liturgy the next day.

Matins is traditionally celebrated in the morning; however, it is sometimes celebrated in the evening as part of a Vigil. The term "Matins" is from the Latin Matutina, "morning"; it is also referred to as "Orthros", which is Greek for "morning".

A Vigil is a combination of Vespers and Matins, usually performed in the evening. In our parish, we celebrate Vigils on the eves of great feasts; in some other Orthodox traditions, a Vigil is celebrated every Saturday night.

The Divine Liturgy is the central worship service in the Orthodox Church. Please read the page on the a href="/orthodoxy/liturgy.php">Divine Liturgy for more information.

Compline is celebrated after dinner (whereas Vespers is celebrated before dinner). This service is generally celebrated in monasteries.

Akathist is a short service in honor of a specific saint – in many cases, it is performed in honor of the Theotokos. The name itself means "not sitting", which alludes to the relatively short length of the service.

The Hours are performed during various parts of the day. There are four Hours: the First Hour (6:00 AM), Third Hour (9:00 AM), Sixth Hour (12:00 PM), and Ninth Hour (3:00 PM). In our parish, we celebrate the First and Third Hours before Divine Liturgy.

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