International Soup Luncheon 2018

Come join us for the best lunch deal in town on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM! (Suggested donation: $8)

Plus a special talk by the Very Reverend Nathan Kroll and tours of the church!


  • Hungarian Mushroom
  • Danish Squash soup with horseradish cream
  • Japanese Miso
  • Tibetan Corn Soup
  • Italian Wedding Soup
  • Fassoulatha--Greek white bean

The International Soup Luncheon and Open House was the very first community event that we ever did when Holy Myrrhbearers started in 2001.  We asked, "What do people like to eat and what can we make?" and that started fourteen years of cooking and baking great food for the community.

We have a cookbook of most all of the recipes used over the years.  Some are family secrets and we have repeated some favorites; for instance, we always have something Greek, because we have always had a Greek cook willing to make one!  Many past and present church members have had the opportunity to share with us delicious soups from their native country or from their ancestry.  We often serve something that was well received at one of our ethnic dinners during the rest of the year.  It was so good that we want to make it again and share it more broadly!  Except for past Greek festivals held outside, this is our largest event of the year.  Last year we had such a good turnout, we had to set up more tables!

Sometimes we sell out of one or more of the soups, but that just goes to show how good they are!  Each is homemade and we post a sign with the name in the native language and English.  Over the years, we've done lots of research to find good recipes, try them, and choose that year's offerings.  We make sure that we have a good selection from various continents, in addition to something vegan, something vegetarian, and meat-based.  Each cook agrees to be responsible for making 2-3 gallons of soup and that is a lot of soup!!  Fr. Nathan, actually bought a huge pot one year so that his whole batch of something spicy could fit!

The original idea of the event was to open our doors to the public and even to encourage the Orthodox community in the Twin Cities to come and see our "new" church.  The building, of course, was only new to us, since a church has been on this site since the late 1800s.  We purchased the building from Grace United Methodist.  At the first soup luncheon, it turned out to be very warm outside, but we just flung open the doors and everybody still came to enjoy the soup.  People turn out every year to revisit the beautiful, neo-Gothic, icon-filled church, and many come to see it for the first time.  We are the only Orthodox parish in central Minnesota, and we often have visitors at our Sunday morning Divine Liturgy at 9:30 a.m.

We also hold a bake sale, with some crafts, and we have very gifted people in our parish, who bake bread, pies, and the usual cookies and cakes.  Some neighbors come just for that!

We are glad to show people around the church and there will be a lecture at 1 p.m. by Fr. Nathan.

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